A note from Industry professional and Mac enthusiast
Lindee Goodall

Lindee Goodall I have been a long-time Apple user -- since 1981 -- and was the first in my town to have a Macintosh back in 1984. Embroidery software for Mac users has been practically non-existent, especially for the home market. And while I've used high-end Mac digitizing software since 1995, I still had to use a PC to convert my designs and often just to format the media for my sewing machine.

When I first heard Brian was working on Mac software for the rest of us, I was excited that we Mac users were finally being recognized. Yes, I know, we could run most Windows applications in Windows on our Mac, but there are nuances between the operating systems that make another one feel 'foreign'.

Finally, we have real Mac software running in our native operating system that looks and feels like a real Mac product! Whoo-hee!!!

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Lindee Goodall of Tucson, Arizona, is an original founder of Cactus Punch and teaches classes on machine embroidery at shows around the country.