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Convert It , Mac is your solution for embroidery design access, browsing, unzipping, conversion, and more!

Convert It, Mac

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Software from BriTon Leap continues to evolve, Embrilliantly!

In 2008 we released Convert It, Mac, a program similar to the browser concept that we introduced with Designer's Gallery all those years ago for Windows. The Mac community has responded with great enthusiasm, and the program is now sold here at MacEmb.com, at the finest internet sites, in premiere printed catalogs, and in retailers' stores worldwide.

But you need more! As a Mac enthusiast, you need other programs to do everything from lettering to digitizing. Well, that started a new concept we call "Embrilliance". Embrilliance is a new brand from BriTon Leap that will include simultaneous releases of new software for Mac OSX and Windows. These programs have required an extensive infrastructure - it has taken nearly four years to get it to where we are today. You see, these programs for Mac are native Mac programs, not some cheezy Windoze knock-off, and they do not need to run in Parallels. In fact we create Universal Binaries so they even run on Power-PC-based Macs.

The mission for Embrilliance is rather bold: To produce easy-to-use, inexpensive, quality-proven embroidery software that releases simultaneously, yet with properly-designed native versions, for both Mac OSX and Windows!

With the Embrilliance Thumbaniler, our first Embrilliance release, you can get a single CD which will install on both a Mac and a PC. In fact there are no less than FOUR installations on that disc, and yet it all works effortlessly and automatically for the user. Thanks to hybrid CD technology from Toast, the single disc is recognized by the Mac differently than it is by Windows. And in Windows, we have created 32-bit and 64-bit programs to make use of the tremendous speed increase available, yet the installer smartly installs only what you need!

We intend to unite the Mac and PC worlds while continuing to exploit the best of each. And we're offering the best pricing on software you'll actually Love to Use that can be found anywhere.

A note from Industry professional and Mac enthusiast Lindee Goodall

"Finally, we have real Mac software running in our native operating system that looks and feels like a real Mac product!Whoo-hee!!!"

"When I first heard Brian was working on Mac software for the rest of us, I was excited that we Mac users were finally being recognized. Yes, I know, we could run most Windows applications in Windows on our Mac, but... • 

Lindee Goodall of Tucson, Arizona, is an orginal founder of Cactus Punch and teaches classes on machine embroidery at shows around the country.